Plastic Round 16 Way Bee Escape

$7.99 USD

We all know that bees produce honey, but did you know the bees have to be removed from the honey in order for it to be harvested? There are many ways to remove the bees from the frames of honey before harvesting, and a bee escape is one of them.


This works by attaching it over the hole in the inner cover and placing the inner cover below the honey boxes to be harvested. The bees work their way out of the 16 different holes in the bee escape and have trouble getting back into the honey box. The angles of the exits are designed to make them a one-way door for the bees.


This is a simple, chemical-free way to remove bees from honey boxes in a matter of hours, but leave it on only a short time. Bees are smart and can eventually make their way back in. It is best put on and taken off on the same day.


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