Recycled (Can)dle

$16.99 USD
We brought these recycled candles to market after seeing a huge trashcan full of trashed aluminum cans. We thought that people love local breweries and beeswax candles, so we put the two together.  The unique gifts will hold enough wax to burn for 100 hours, so you'll have plenty of time to admire them.

We take a variety of cans from breweries, open the tops, clean them out and pour our 100% pure beeswax into each one. They smell fantastic, and the can's artwork makes a perfect match.

Available in local breweries cans as well as soda cans. We have so many types and styles available, that we can't list all of them. You can order them online and request a specific brewery or soda brand during checkout. If you are local, stop by the store and you can see our current selection.

Do you have cans from a specific brewery you want us to use as a special gift? You can send those our way and we will use them. Well even send you a label to get those to us. You'll just need to "dispose" of the beer or soda first or you can leave the full and give our staff a special thank you. For a custom pour, just purchase the custom 6-pack, and we will send you a shipping label. The cans need to be traditional 12 oz cans.

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