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Rental - Honey Extractor Kit 3 Frame Manual

$125.00 USD

Click book now to reserve your rental using our booking widget. All rentals can be picked up at Foxhound Bee Company and are a 7 day rental.

Save yourself the hassle of buying extracting equipment just to use it for one day a year. Let us store and take care of the equipment so you can have your garage back. You know what I mean.

Rent our honey extracting equipment, and we will supply you with what you need to make honey harvesting day a little more fun and a little less sticky. 

Reserve our extractor kit by using the calendar by choosing your pickup date. Reservation is set for a one-week rental automatically. 

$100 deposit to be paid during pickup and returned after equipment is brought back clean and ready for the next beekeeper. Cards will be charged a $50 cleaning fee or the cost to repair or replace broken parts. 

Extractor Kit Includes: 

3 Frame Manual Extractor

Extracts 3 deep, medium, or shallow frames

Uncapping fork

Double metal strainer

Double uncapping Tank

Serrated Uncapping Knife

This kit is great for beekeepers with up to 40 frames to harvest.