Package Essentials Book

$46.00 CAD

Package bees and nucleus colonies are an alternative to those rare life-changing moments when a swarm unexpectedly enters our lives. If we start with the purchase of a nucleus hive or a package of bees, our first beekeeping work will be easier to manage. It has been extremely rewarding that one of my most popular books, Increase Essentials, is now in its second edition.

While I prefer to start with a nucleus colony, they are not always available. In fact, most new beekeepers have just one option: package bees. Starting with one to four package colonies is a relatively easy thing to do. While not inexpensive, packages are a cost-effective method of obtaining colonies. So, if you are new to beekeeping,  this book provides an overview of how the package bees and queens
are produced, how to install them, and how to manage them until they are fully established in your apiary.

Pages: 134
Dimensions: 6 x 0.36 x 9 inches
ISBN- 10: 1878075616
ISBN - 13: 978-1878075611

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